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Jeti-Ögüz photograph by Jason Jones Kyrgyzstan

a beautiful photograph by

Jason Jones

Country : Kyrgyzstan
Area : Jeti-Ögüz

Taken with an iPhone for geolocation reasons along side my usual Nikon D610 after a long trek over a mountain range.

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Jeti-Ögüz DistrictÖgüz_District

Jeti-Ögüz or Jeti-Oguz (Kyrgyz: Жети-өгүз [dʒeti œɣýz], seven bulls) is a raion (district) of Issyk-Kul Region in north-eastern Kyrgyzstan. The capital lies at Kyzyl-Suu,[1] Its area is 14,499 square kilometres (5,598 sq mi), and its resident population was 82,085 in 2009.[2] and the province comprises much of the eastern end of the Teskey Ala-Too Range.

The Terskey Alatau, Ak-Shiyrak Range, Borkoldoy Too, Jetim Bel Range, and Kakshaal Too spread across the Jeti-Ögüz District. Major valleys include Issy-Kul Valley, Upper Naryn Valley, Ak-Shiyrak Valley and so on. The district contains deposits of ores of tin, tungsten, copper and other metals. Among its large rivers are the Naryn River, Saryjaz River, Barskoon River, Jeti-Ögüz River, etc.

In total, Jeti-Ögüz District include 42 villages located in 13 rural communities (aiyl okmotus). Each rural community may consist of one or several villages. The rural communities and settlements in the Jeti-Ögüz District are:[3]