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Ruka photograph by Sami Peltokorpi Finland

a beautiful photograph by

Sami Peltokorpi

Country : Finland
Area : Ruka

Winter's night of magic, snow covered trees and northern lights in the sky. Ruka, Kuusamo.

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Rukatunturi (Finnish: Ruka) is a 490 metres (1,610 ft) high fell and a ski resort in Kuusamo, Finland. Apart from downhill skiing, there are over 500 km of cross-country skiing tracks. Also snowmobiles can be rented to enjoy some of the area's 600 km of snowmobile routes (of which 100 km are safari organizers' private routes). Ruka is also the southern end of the Karhunkierros hiking trail. The total of trails in Ruka and Kuusamo area is: 160 km of hiking trails, 605 km of biking routes, 350 km of classified paddling routes (including class 1-4 whitewater paddling) and 100 km of boating routes.

In winter 1954, the first slope, now called as "Eturinne" ("Front Slope"), was opened. Now the total of slopes is 29, operated with 20 ski lifts (one high-speed detachable chair with bubble). There's effective snowmaking on all runs by almost 90 snowguns and 5 groomers.

Ruka has turned into a diverse tourist centre whose year-round usage is growing. In winter there are for example Nordic skiing World Cup competitions. FIS Nordic Combined season starts yearly in Ruka (Nordic Opening). There are also annual national competitions in alpine and freestyle skiing, and there have been international competitions in these sports, too.