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How are the photographs posted on the website?

On the home page, the principle is to display the photograph in such a way that it covers the entire available space, regardless of the visitor's screen resolution. There is a technique that allows to keep an image in the background while keeping the proportions, this technique will increase or decrease the size of the photograph in the background so that it always occupies the entire space. In practice, optimal display will almost never be possible. Computers or digital devices are configured differently, have different web browsers and different screen resolutions. For all these reasons, it is not possible to have an optimal rendering on all devices. You can see (below) when a visitor navigates the site with a resolution that would not provide the optimal display of the photograph, how the technology used will adapt the display of the photograph so that all the space is used. The light part represents what is visible on the screen and the dark part represents what is not visible on the screen. It is simply an intelligent and automatic cropping of the photograph.

What are the photographs we are looking for?

The beauty of nature has no boundaries and we have no political dimension, there will never be any question of censoring the publication of a photograph on the pretext that it comes from a particular country. The only criterion used is the aesthetics of the photograph. We do not put forward the different techniques of photography, it is only a question of proposing a beautiful landscape photo. The search for photographs is mainly done via certain landscape groups on the Flickr website for practical reasons and ease of tracking but we sometimes use photographs published on Unsplash or Wikimedia.

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Our site is translated from French into English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. If you like this site and you are fluent in a language that is not offered, then perhaps you would also like to offer some of your time for a translation? If so, I invite you to contact me and I will provide you with what you need.

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No additions planned at the moment, you can contact me if you have a proposal.

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