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Hula Skirt Falls photograph by Ari Mahardhika Hong-Kong

Hula Skirt Falls
a beautiful photograph by

Ari Mahardhika

Country : Hong-Kong
Area : Hula Skirt Falls

Hong Kong's hidden natural paradise. Challenging trek but worth the visit. Water is clean, nice view of waterfalls.
Canon 5DMKII, EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM.
Shot at 16 mm f/22 ISO 100 exposure time 1 sec.

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Nam Chung

Nam Chung (Chinese: 南涌; pinyin: Nán Chōng) is an area in the north eastern New Territories of Hong Kong, west of Luk Keng and to the southwest of the Starling Inlet (Sha Tau Kok Hoi), opposite Sha Tau Kok.

Nam Chung Village includes Nam Chung Yeung Uk (南涌楊屋), Nam Chung Cheng Uk (南涌鄭屋), Nam Chung Lo Uk (南涌羅屋), Nam Chung Cheung Uk (南涌張屋) and Nam Chung Lei Uk (南涌李屋).[1]

Nam Chung is located at the northern end of the Wilson Trail a 78 kilometres (48 mi) long-distance footpath opened in January 1996.