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Vorder Glärnisch photograph by Silvan Bachmann Switzerland

Vorder Glärnisch
a beautiful photograph by

Silvan Bachmann

Country : Switzerland
Area : Vorder Glärnisch

On tuesday i was hiking on the "Vorder Glärnisch" (2300m) with a really stunning view over Glarus. You see the impressiv giant mountains "Vrenelisgärtli" and 'Ruchen' both almost 3000m.
Eifach geil ! ;)

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Vorder Glärnischärnisch

The Vorder Glärnisch (2,327 m) is a mountain of the Schwyzer Alps, overlooking the valley of the Linth in the canton of Glarus. It lies north-east of the higher Glärnisch (2,914 m).

Unlike its higher neighbour, the Vorder Glärnisch can be ascended via a trail on its north-west side.