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Mys Ayya photograph by Travel Tracker Russia

Mys Ayya
a beautiful photograph by

Travel Tracker

Country : Russia
Area : Mys Ayya

This photo was taken with help of: "Travel tracker" android application, link of full track.

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Cape Aya

Cape Aya ("the holy one" in Greek, Άγια) is a rocky promontory jutting out into the Black Sea southeast of Balaklava. This 13-km-long offspur of the Crimean Mountains separates Laspi Bay (to the east) from Balaklava Bay (to the west).

The highest point, Kokiya-Kiya (literally "Blue Cliff") is 559 m (1,834 ft). The headland is full of grottoes; it is protected as a national zakaznik.[1]

A storm off Cape Aya is the subject of one of Aivazovsky's paintings. A Soviet guided missile system was located on Cape Aya.