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Petit tabac photograph by Christian Lendl Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines

Petit tabac
a beautiful photograph by

Christian Lendl

Country : Saint-Vincent-and-the-Grenadines
Area : Petit tabac
Reward : photo of the year 2017

This is the island where they shot the famous rum scene for "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.

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Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays are an archipelago located in the Southern Grenadines comprising five small islands and extensive coral reefs. The cays - Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby - are all uninhabited and are a popular tourism destination.

The Tobago Cays are now the key element of the Tobago Cays Marine Park run by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines government. The Marine Park consists of a 1,400-acre (5.7 km2) sand-bottom lagoon which encompasses the five cays, the inhabited island of Mayreau and the 4 km Horseshoe Reef. The Marine Park was listed as a regionally significant ecosystem under the SPAW Protocol in December 2014 [1]

The most extensive and well-developed coral reef complexes in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines occur on shallow shelves around the windward sides of Mayreau and Union Islands and the Cays themselves. In addition, principal vegetation types include beach vegetation and dry forest. With the exception of a small mangrove in Petit Rameau and salt pond in Mayreau, there are no wetlands in the Cays.