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Kvernufoss waterfall photograph by Fernando Reguera Iceland

Kvernufoss waterfall
a beautiful photograph by

Fernando Reguera

Country : Iceland
Area : Kvernufoss waterfall

taken in Iceland. It is the waterfall known as Kvernufoss in the region of Skogar, the south of the country.
Sony a7r with Sony Zeiss 16-35 f4.

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Skógar (pronounced [ˈ]), literally forests, is a small Icelandic village with a population of roughly 25 located at the south of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, in the municipality of Rangárþing eystra.

The area is known for its waterfall, Skógafoss, on the Skógá river, which springs from 60 metres at the top of an eroded cliff. At Skógar is a folk museum, Skógasafn, open daily, all the year, as well as a museum on transport in Iceland.

Not far from Skógar is the Kvernufoss fall. Further upstream on the Skógá river there are many other spectacular falls. While climbing in the small forest behind the old school, some ruins of old farms can be seen and easily accessed.