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Fium'altu photograph by Mathulak France

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Country : France
Area : Fium'altu

Un beau paysage qui n'est malheureusement plus qu'un beau souvenir. Quelques mois après ce shoot (octobre 2015), une énorme crue à littéralement ravagé les lieux. Nikon D750, samyang 12 mm, f/11, 8", iso 100.

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Haute-Corse (French pronunciation: ​[ot.kɔʁs]; Corsican: Corsica suprana) (English: Upper Corsica) is a department of France consisting of the northern part of the island of Corsica.

The department was formed on 15 September 1975, when the department of Corsica was divided into Upper Corsica (Haute-Corse) and South Corsica (Corse-du-Sud). The department corresponds exactly to the former department of Golo, which existed between 1793 and 1811.

The department is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and on the south by the department of Corse-du-Sud.