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Cathedral Rocks photograph by Eddy White Ireland

Cathedral Rocks
a beautiful photograph by

Eddy White

Country : Ireland
Area : Cathedral Rocks

These have an imaginative similarity with a bleak and vast Gothic Cathedral with doors and windows carved through the rock face by the actions of the sea and a top "window" in the shape of a broken star.

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Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands (Na Blascaodaí in Irish - etymology uncertain: it may come from the Norse word "brasker", meaning "a dangerous place") are a group of islands off the west coast of Ireland, forming part of County Kerry.

The six principal islands of the Blaskets are:

They were inhabited until 1953 by a completely Irish-speaking population, and today are part of the Gaeltacht. The inhabitants were forcefully evacuated by the government to the mainland on 17 November 1953.[1][why?] Many[quantify] of the descendants currently[when?] live in Springfield, Massachusetts,[2][not in citation given] and some former residents still live on the Dingle Peninsula, within sight of their former home.