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Pic d'Anayet photograph by Didier Karl Spain

Pic d'Anayet
a beautiful photograph by

Didier Karl

Country : Spain
Area : Pic d'Anayet

Le lac d'Anayet et son pic éponyme saisie dans le Haut-Aragon en Espagne de l'autre côté de la vallée d'Ossau. On accède après 2 heures de marche au plateau d'Anayet d'où surgit la pyramide dressée dans l'azur : le pic avec ses 2545 m d'altitude. En été, les chevaux se dispersent sur ces étendues sauvages. Le sommet est accessible aux randonneurs expérimentés et offre un point de vue exceptionnel sur toute la chaine occidentale des Pyrénées (Aragon-Béarn jusqu'au pays basque).

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Jacetania (Aragonese: Chacetania; French: Jacétanie) is a comarca in northern Aragon, Spain. It is located in the northwestern corner of the Huesca and Zaragoza provinces. The administrative capital is Jaca, with 13,374 inhabitants the largest town of the comarca. The area is famous for its ski resorts.

Jacetania borders with France in the north and with Navarre in the west. Most of its territory is mountainous, with the ranges of the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees covering most of its area. The name of the comarca originates in the ancient Iberian tribe of the Iacetani (Latin: Iaccetani). The Aragonese language is spoken in this comarca, in particular, its variety, Jaca Aragonese.

This comarca was the birthplace of the historic County of Aragon.