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World's countries : Azerbaijan

photograph by Birgitte Riber Hald

Qusar District

Qusar Rayon (Azerbaijani: Qusar rayonu) is an administrative unit in the northern part of Azerbaijan and its administrative center is Qusar city.[3][4][5]

The rayon borders upon Quba and Khachmaz rayons of the republic and Dagestan (Russia). A distance from Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan is 180 kilometers.

Qusar is located in Eurasian continent, in the north-eastern inclination of the main Caucasus Mountain ridge. It is located between 41°11’ - 41°45’ latitude North and 47°52’ - 48°41’ longitude East. Mountains, among which is also Shahdagh Mount, take the great part of the rayon. Territory of the rayon occupies the north-eastern part of Azerbaijan. Qusar is a unique gate of the republic. Even in the ancient times the territory of the rayon took a good position on a junction of the main trade roads. It is 179 kilometers from Qusar to Baku.