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The limestone needle of Étretat

Today, we take you to France, more precisely to the cliffs of Étretat.

The cliffs of Étretat

It is in the north of France, in Normandy in the north of the Seine-Maritime that the cliffs of Étretat overhang the English Channel. These Cretaceous limestone cliffs rise to more than 70 meters. The action of the sea, the rain and the frost are responsible for its erosion, whole sections of rock regularly detach themselves from the cliff.

Without being a true legend, Maurice Leblanc made the needle of Étretat famous with his character of Arsène Lupin who would have hidden the treasure of the kings of France in this famous hollow needle.

If you are looking for similarities in the world, the arch of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico ( comes to mind.

Some links

My photographs of Étretat, I live relatively close (French)
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Aurélien   -   2022-09-07


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