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How photographs are displayed on the website ?

On the home page, the goal is to display the photograph in such way that it is covering all the available space between the menu and the thumbnail at the bottom, no matter the screen's resolution of the visitor. A technic exists (CSS, background-size:cover;) which let the background image keep its proportions, this technic will raise or lower background image's size in order to cover all the available space.

Below, one of the website's photographs is displayed with perfects conditions of resolution, the photograph is entirely visible and the ratio stay at 1:1.

In practice, it won't be often that way, computers or numeric devices have specifics configurations, have different internet browsers and also different screen's resolutions. For all these reasons, it is impossible to have a perfect display on all devices.

You can see (below) when a visitor is on the website with a screen's resolution which would prevent a perfect display of the photograph, for exwhile browsing with a smartphone or a tablet device, how technology used will adapt the display of the photograph in order to use all the available space. Bright part represents the visitor's screen (what he sees on his browser) and dark part represents which isn't visible on the visitor's screen. It is simply a clever and automatic crop of the photograph.

Since worldisbeautiful display landscape photographs, it is absolutely clear that it will always be better to browse the website with landscape orientation.

Which photographs do I search for ?

Nature's beauty has no boundaries and has no political dimension, it will never be question of censure when displaying a photograph from a specific country. Nature's beauty has no boundaries !

The only criterion used is aesthetic of the photograph. is not a website that exposes various photography technics, it is only a website that exposes beautiful landscapes.

The website has some minors technical restraints : photographs must have a landscape format with a minimum and maximum ratio. To put it in simple terms, photographs mustn't be too much "portrait" and also mustn't be too much panoramic. The goal is to obtain an optimal display of the photograph on the website. In addition, photographs must be at least 2000 pixels width for a clean displaying with many screen's resolutions.

Photograph search is exclusively done through website for practical reasons and easy management. Many countries are not represented on, this is not a choice at all, this is the result of the lack of photographs from those countries on Flickr landscape's groups. Some targeted search are sometimes done to mitigate this problem without being a great success.

Propose a translation website offer english, french and partially spanish languages and the language selection is automatically done through the browser default language setting.

The website translation works with simple traductions files loaded depending of the language setting. It is possible to add as many as there are languages.

You like this website and you speak fluently a language which is not supported here, then maybe you have a moment in order to propose a translation !
If so, please contact me ( and I will send you all you need for a translation.
Also, since I am not a native English speaker, I accept correction regarding the English translation.

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