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Black Lake photograph by Mileta Vukicevic Montenegro

Black Lake
a beautiful photograph by

Mileta Vukicevic

Country : Montenegro
Area : Black Lake

Camera Canon EOS 6d, lens Canon EF 24-105mm f4L, f8, 1/60sec, iso 100.

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Black Lake (Montenegro)

Black Lake (Montenegrin: Crno jezero) is a lake in the Municipality of Žabljak in northern Montenegro.[1][2]

It is a glacial lake, located on Mount Durmitor, at an elevation of 1,416 m. It is 3 km from the town of Žabljak.

Black Lake lies at the foot of Međed Peak and has an area of 0.515 square km. The lake consists of two smaller lakes: Big Lake (Veliko jezero) and Little Lake (Malo jezero). The lakes are connected by a narrow strait that dries up during the summer, creating two separate bodies of water.