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Le Gardon photograph by Rémi Avignon France

Le Gardon
a beautiful photograph by

Rémi Avignon

Country : France
Area : Le Gardon

La photo a été prise a Russan (30) en France dans le département du Gard sur les falaises du Castellas qui est aussi un lieu d'escalade prisé. J'utilise un hybride Fuji X-T2 et le formidable objectif 10-24mm.

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The Gardon or Gard (Occitan and French: Gardon, Gard) is a river in southern France. It is the namesake of the department of Gard. Several of its tributaries are also called Gardon.

The Gardon is 133 kilometres (83 mi) long, including its longest tributary "Gardon de Saint-Jean". It rises in the Cévennes mountain range and flows into the Rhône River (right-side tributary) at Comps, north of Beaucaire, across from Vallabrègues.

The Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard and the 16th-century Pont Saint-Nicolas are two historic bridges that cross the Gardon. The Gorges du Gardon, which ends at Pont Saint-Nicolas, is a popular recreation area for kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, and hiking.