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Old Mammoth photograph by Don Graham United States

Old Mammoth
a beautiful photograph by

Don Graham

Country : United States
Area : Old Mammoth

We jumped the gun and drove up to Mammoth Lakes, CA in May of last year only to find that most of the back roads were still blocked by snow. We decided to leave the next morning with a sense of disappointment. However, we woke to find that Mother Nature had decided to have a Spring snowstorm while we had slept. So I was able to get some nice photos like this one, after all.

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Old Mammoth, California,_California

Old Mammoth is a former unincorporated community now incorporated in Mammoth Lakes in Mono County, California.[1] It lies at an elevation of 8015 feet (2443 m).[1]

Old Mammoth was originally Mammoth City, a mining camp that had a post office from March 21, 1879 to July 27, 1881. It later had another post office from July 2, 1896 to September 10, 1898 when it moved to Round Valley, in Inyo County.