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West Point Island photograph by John Davison Falkland-Islands

West Point Island
a beautiful photograph by

John Davison

Country : Falkland-Islands
Area : West Point Island

The photo was taken on my Antarctic cruise and is the view from Mt Ararat on West Point Island in the Falklands on 29th January 2018.
Camera : Panasonic DMC-FZ72, ƒ/2.8, 3.6 mm, 1/1300, ISO 100.

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West Point Island

West Point Island (originally known as Albatross Island; Spanish: Isla Remolinos) is one of the Falkland Islands, lying in the north-west corner of the archipelago. It has an area of 1,469 hectares (5.67 sq mi) and boasts some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the Falklands.[1] The island is owned by Roddy & Lily Napier and run as a sheep farm and tourist attraction.[2][3]

West Point Island lies off the north-west point of West Falkland. It is 6 km (3.7 mi) long with a maximum width of 4 km (2.5 mi). Its dramatic west-facing cliffs are the highest in the Falklands, with the highest point at Cliff Mountain rising to 381 m (1,250 ft).[4] West Point Island Settlement, with its 640 m (2,100 ft) airstrip, lies on Westpoint Cove in the north-east. It is separated from West Falkland by a narrow channel called the Wooly Gut,[5] which is a local reference to katabatic winds that often occur there. It lies south-east of the Jason Islands, the nearest being South Jason Island.

As with many locations around the Falkland Islands, in the early 19th century West Point was a popular site for slaughtering seals and penguins for oil. Literal overkill ended this industry in the area. The island was established as a sheep farm in 1879 by Arthur Felton, great uncle of Roddy Napier, the present owner.[6]