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Cala Mitjana photograph by Enrique Maestro Spain

Cala Mitjana
a beautiful photograph by

Enrique Maestro

Country : Spain
Area : Cala Mitjana

Cámara: Nikon D7100, F/8; 18 mm.; 1/60; Iso 100.
La cala, denominada Mitjana (Mediana) tiene acceso para vehículos pero generalmente esta cerrado por lo que hay que recorrer una preciosa pista durante unos 25 minutos. La belleza del lugar es impresionante.

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Cala Mitjana

Cala Mitjana is a bay and beach on Menorca's southern coast. The small pine tree surrounded beach can be reached by foot in 20 minutes starting from a parking lot close to country road OM-714. The beach is highly frequented in the summer season.[1]