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Pic d'Anie photograph by Fernando Asiain Larrea France

Pic d'Anie
a beautiful photograph by

Fernando Asiain Larrea

Country : France
Area : Pic d'Anie

La photo est prise depuis le sommet d'Anie Peak, à l'intersection de Navarra, d'Aquitaine et d'Aragon. L'endroit de la photo est le luigar appelé Larra. La photo est prise avec mon vieux Canon 40d, ancien mais très efficace.

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Pic d'Anie'Anie

Pic d'Anie (Basque Auñamendi) is a mountain of the Pyrenees in France, located close to the Spanish border. It is 2,507 metres (8,225 ft) high.

The mountain boasts an almost perfect pyramidal shape and is surrounded by the spectacular karst landscape of. Larra, in the Larra-Belagua massif (Navarre).

The three main access routes to the peak are: Belagua in Spain and Pierre-Saint Martin and Lescun in the French department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques.