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Mindersdorf forest photograph by Niko Benas Germany

Mindersdorf forest
a beautiful photograph by

Niko Benas!/niko.benas

Country : Germany
Area : Mindersdorf forest

Have you ever walked through a forest on a rainy day? Isn't it wonderful? The sounds you can hear, are without comparison, the loveliest music! This time I also noticed a significant quantity of naturally disintegrated wood. Foresters and forest owners who not remove deadwood, are met with lack of understanding. Thereby it is practically a characteristic feature of natural forests and support the livelihood for a large number of fauna and flora species.

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Hohenfels, Konstanz,_Konstanz

Hohenfels is a municipality in Konstanz district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The municipal area is located north of Lake Constance on the eastern rim of the Hegau region, about 8 km (5.0 mi) east of Stockach. It includes the villages of Deutwang, Kalkofen, Liggersdorf, Mindersdorf, and Selgetsweiler.

In 1352 the Swabian lordship of Hohenfels around the 12th century New Hohenfels Castle was inherited by the noble House of Jungingen. Konrad von Jungingen (c. 1355–1407) and his brother Ulrich (1360–1410) served as Grand Masters of the Teutonic Knights; in 1506 the Teutonic Order purchased the Lordship of Hohenfels, which became part of the Altshausen commandry within the Alsace-Burgundy bailiwick.