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Tarrafal photograph by Jack Salen Cape-Verde

a beautiful photograph by

Jack Salen

Country : Cape-Verde
Area : Tarrafal

The image was taken while on a trip on the Dutch schooner Oosterschelde.

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Tarrafal, Cape Verde,_Cape_Verde

Tarrafal is a town in the northern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. It is a fishing port situated on the northwestern coast. It constitutes the seat of the Tarrafal Municipality.

The city boasts a beautiful soft-sand and palm-tree lined beach in the shadow of Monte Graciosa, a distinctive mountain just north of the settlement. It is a popular vacation and tourism spot for people on the island.

Tarrafal is the northern anchor of the road leading through Assomada to Praia (the Cape Verdean capital). There is also a small road that leads to the northernmost point of the island of Santiago.